DVP Case Study – Live Streaming at St Thomas The Apostle Church, Smyrna GA

St Thomas The Apostle Church chose DVP to install a full Live Streaming solution at their house of worship campus in Smyrna, GA.  The church, established in June 1966, has recently grown to over 6,000 registered families. A Live Streaming installation allows the church to use the most advanced technologies to broadcast to family members who are unable to attend services or those that want to watch a service again. This also allows the elderly shut ins to have an avenue at which to be able to tune into services. The live stream is available in HD and also available for satellite locations as well. In addition to broadcasting all the Sunday masses, the church also will occasionally broadcast special events and weddings. Using Google Analytics we are able to capture viewers that tune in worldwide to view broadcasts.

In the case of St Thomas the Apostle Church, the decision was made to install a system that is fully automated. One PTZ camera was installed at the back of the sanctuary which can be controlled remotely if necessary. Otherwise the position of the camera by in large remains untouched. The video and audio feed wiring runs into their AV room through mixers, convertors, and capture cards feeding into a computer via a capture card. A secondary fully redundant MacPro was also installed in case the primary capture machine fails. Capture software such as Wirecast is setup to broadcast HD video at low bitrates to computer desktops and also the very important mobile streaming market. The streaming occurs flawlessly to all devices. DVP provides full turnkey setup, training of staff, rollout support, and continuous support as needed.

GusSt Thomas Parish Admistrator Gus Scannapieco – “Jason Lyell, Principal of DVP installed our complete live streaming video system that we use for all types of video functions within the main sanctuary, social hall, and other departments/buildings. The company did a complete turnkey installation and was “excellent” in their support efforts.”Gus Scannapieco,  St Thomas Parish Admistrator           Read More Reviews

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