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Jason Lyell snapshotJason Lyell, CEO/President – DVP

Corporate Career Overview

Jason Lyell brings over 16 years of Production, Broadcast, Media Management, Training/Support,and Project Lead experience to any project. Mr. Lyell owns and operates a video production, consulting, and integration company formed in 2001, Digital Video Productions, LLC. Jason’s broadcasting career started in 1996 as a Production Assistant for CNN Sports Illustrated in Atlanta, GA. From that point forward, the corporate career focus started leaning toward the technical aspects for television broadcasting networks. Throughout his career, Mr. Lyell has worked very closely with engineering staffs, assisting with the planning, development, and implementation of MAM systems, provided written training documentation and workflows, developed testing plans, delivering training, and provided multi leveled user support.

Previous to operating DVP on a full time basis, Mr. Lyell was a Project Training Lead for CNN. The CNN training department was established for the purposes of training staff members on new software and technology in Atlanta, New York, DC, and Los Angeles. As Project Lead, the key role was to manage the training process from kickoff to implementation – including project management, communication, courseware, coordination of training facilities, scheduling, testing and support.

Prior to the Project Lead role, Mr. Lyell was the lead Edit trainer for CNN, specializing in Final Cut Pro, Quantel, Leitch, Avid, and Pinnacle products. Mr. Lyell provided a key edit training and support role for the launch of Time Warner Center in New York, as well as the Pinnacle product rollout in Atlanta and New York. Other roles and responsibilities during the CNN career included Media Management, and Production Assistant roles at CNN Sports Illustrated.

Mr. Lyell has Bachelor of Science degree in Radio/Television Production from Middle Tennessee State University.

Jason Lyell / DVP Broadcast Consulting Overview

Mr. Lyell has played an instrumental role in several broadcast launches such as CNN Sports Illustrated, CNN’s launch of Time Warner Center in NYC, Pinnacle Edit installation for Atlanta Media Operations, Apple/B4M installation in DC, Fox News HD launch, Fox Business Channel HD launch, and the Weather Channel HD upgrade/launch. His strengths are working closely with engineering staffs and user groups, managing projects, testing, providing workflow analysis and support. He brings years of expertise in editing applications as well, with an emphasis on applications such as Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premier.

Video Production

In 2001 Mr. Lyell formed DVP.  As owner of the company, DVP specializes in various forms of video productions ranging from Corporate, Event, Home Tour, and Marketing videos. All video is shot and edited in HD format, and DVP uses a complete Apple based workflow solution and output to web / DVD / BluRay. In 2007, DVP was hired to shoot and edit Jane Fonda’s 70th birthday party and selected for a third straight year to cover Bert’s Big Adventure/Q100 sponsorship video.

Broadcast / Media Consulting

DVP also specializes in Broadcast / Media consulting. Playing a sub contractor role, Media Strategy Partners selected Mr. Lyell/DVP in May 2007 to cover the Project Management role for the Weather Channel HD upgrade in Atlanta, GA., managing overall schedules, developing workflows, testing, training, and developing support strategy.

DVP also provided testing, training and support services for the Fox News / Fox Business Channel launch in New York starting late summer of 2007. DVP playing a sub contractor role to Media Strategy Partners spent time at the Fox facility on and off for a full year to achieve the project launch requirements.

DVP was also hired by CNN in Q2/2007 to evaluate the Leitch Nexio functionality and compatibility with Final Cut Pro. A complete testing report was provided to CNN with recommendations on necessary improvements that must be made before proceeding with the New York HD installation.